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I static balance with a couple of crates and the axle. Will rotate the tire around the wheel 'till it's close, then finish up with stick-on weights. Works fine up to about 85, then you feel it if it's not perfect. Going to go ahead and invest in a more precise static balancer like a Marc Parnes or similar. I want smooth up to 100. Motion-Pro makes really nice stick-on weights that are narrower than the ones for cars so they stick on the shoulder without issue. I do the Husky the same way, it takes quite a bit of weight to offset the rimlock. I have it pretty close with internal weights opposite the lock, then can usually get it right on with an ounce or less on the outside.

I can tell you form personal experience that the Marc Parnes unit pictured here is outstanding. I have used it for years and it is exceptional. Worth every penny and high quality. Also, if you are doing different bikes with different wheel sizes, you just need to buy the different spindles and they all slide onto the main assembly. I support it across two jack stands for the balancing. Good pick Browneye!
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