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Hi JaxObsessed & RokLobster Nice to have you along

Originally Posted by LittleWan View Post
Sometimes it really sucks to be short!

Did you go through Belmont, too?
We rode through Manhattan and Belmont last summer, following boney and Luke's tracks to Torrey...

Looking forward to the riding in DV!
the Superbug in the sand - woooo!

Hi Little Wan,
That short thing is a bugger at times.
I didn't go through Belmont but I did add it to my list of places to return to. There and a number of other roads I spotted that I wanted to explore but didn't take the time to do it this trip. It just gives me another reason to go back.

I was working on making sand my favorite after the last time I tried playing in the sand with the Superbug - - - - Here's the last sand experience:

Originally Posted by Live2Ride View Post
Nice pics LB, I really like the looks of the KLR at the begining of the report. Anybody I know?
Hi, it is a nice looking KLR isn't it. Too bad it doesn't get out and about much any more.

Originally Posted by larryboy View Post

Hi Larryboy, I'm hoping to see you and Becky soon - Fingers crossed.
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