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Thanks for another great installment. I've been away for a while and missed the story.
Cool for me, something to fill more hotel evenings.

For me near every ride report I've ever read has nudged me out to the garage, and onto the bike and off and away.
From my very first in print form back in the first days of Rider magazine. There were BMW's Ducatis Harleys, Hondas and even Moto Guzzis.

In 2003 a friend introduced me to I lurked for a bit reading pieces of threads he'd send me.
Then I got hooked by, Rogue 1's "Took A Little Ride", then MikeO's "Inspection of the Colonies", and then I discovered Gaspipe and BigdogAdventures.
advrider had me at "Took a little ride..."

This thread has been the one that lured me back toward the superbike end of the spectrum. I lurked around Ducati ads online, my head would snap sideways as that sounds came by. Soon, I was dropping by dealers in various cities. Always careful to only do so far form home on business travel. Less temptation and ability to bring home something of a certain size.

Still on the road though in rental cars and planes and hotels working off laptops and slow connections.

Anti, thanks for the daydreams. Awesome stuff.
CotA had to be a hoot. I got to ride an AMA track on my 50th birthday for free. Very cool. Got passed by an AMA spec 999 Ducati like I was painted on the fence. I was topped out against the rev limiter in sixth at the time.

I'm looking forward to that video. Should be fun.

Keep it rolling.
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