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Day 1 Monday 3/25/13
An early morning walk to enjoy the sunrise sure started the day nicely.

I even discovered some flowers along the way.

Here comes Airhead Bruce, my riding partner for the day.

The plan for the day was to visit the Wildrose Charcoal Kilns and we were on our way.

Things are going to get fun now.

Bruce must have stopped to check something out.

Ahhhhhhhh here he comes

The ride through Wildrose was very nice although I didn’t get pictures of the best parts.

Wildrose Charcoal Kilns/Mahagony Flat Road/Death Valley National Park
Built in 1879, 10 Kilns Stand 25’ high and are 35’ in diameter

Designed by Swiss engineers and built by Chinese laborers in 1879, these kilns produced charcoal for the Modock Mine smelter, about 30 miles west of here. The kilns closed after only three years of use. Because of their brief life and remote location, these may be the best-preserved examples of charcoal kilns in the West.

Workers filled the air-tight kilns with pinyon pine logs (relatively abundant in this area) and fired them. The burning, which reduced the wood to charcoal, took 6 to 8 days. Cooling took another five days. Wagons then hauled the charcoal to the Modock Mines smelter, where it was used to extract silver and lead from the rich ore from Modock's mines.
Source: National Park Service display at the site.

The charcoal kilns front view

The inside of one of the kilns

The kilns back view

The kilns were formed so perfect, each one looked like the other but we couldn’t figure out why there were some rock sticking out of the tops making them look like a balding porcupine.

The rocks they were made from were very pretty.

More coming....
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