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Thumbs down Update- DO NOT BUY for a F650GS

My final say on the "Comagination" headlight modulator: the product is not as advertised and the vendor support is poor. Though not the most costly vendor experience I have ever had (the unit is less than $100), certainly one of the worst!

First, the instructions are difficult to decipher as they are poorly written.

Second, the instructions re: wire colors do NOT match the actual unit.

Third, despite the stated claim that the unit is tiny and will fit in virtuallly all headlight housings, there is NO WAY this thing fits in the F650GS, and even if it did, you'd have to cut a slot for the wires to exit, thus messing up the integrity of the headlight housing.

Fourth, the components one can see appear to be cheap crap. Can't tell what is inside the sealed "unit", but my guess would be: "crap".

Fifth, when I did hook it up to my high beam, though it did modulate the headlight, the "bulb out" warning light on the bike's dash ALSO blinked off and on! When I contacted the vendor about this, the reply after several days was "send it back if you are not happy." Since the website lets you choose the "correct" modulator by bike using a drop-down menu, one might think this thing would actually work correctly if one's bike was listed.

Finally, after I returned the unit, I was not issued a refund until after I sent an email asking where it was; the vendor's reply was "what's the tracking # of your return?", though I did receive a refund (minus the cost of 2-way shipping!) before I could reply.

more than enough said on THIS topic!!!!!!!
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