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Well yesterday was such a nice day, and I got my Trakmasters installed - so I decided to leave work at 12 and go riding

THis was my first off road ride in eight months.. On Labor day last year I got bucked off my bike and flung head first (well thumb first I guess) into a tree.. My thumb exploded and I had to get surgery to reattach the tendons.

So, I figured to start my season I should head to the exact spot that ended my season, and piss on that tree:

After that was taken care of, I enjoyed the trails by myself.. All my riding buddies were too responsible to leave work and go riding! hahaha

The dirt was soft, and the trails were clean... It was awesome.

The bike performed flawlessly.. I rode it 20 miles on backroads to get to the forest. Did maybe 10 miles offroad, and another 20 home and I still had almost half a tank of gas.. I have a small ryobi two stroke oil container that I filled with good oil that will mix about 1.8gl or so.. I will just keep that in my backpack.. I can't see needing more than that on a day of riding seeing how many miles I got to a half tank.

I do want to gear it a bit taller though. I found myself in third gear on most of the single track as 1st and 2nd are rediculously quick.. I'm thinking up a tooth in the front and down two in the back? Or maybe just start with one extra up front and see how that does. I need to count and see what's on there now as I'm not sure.

Also I noticed gear oil leaking from the case somewhere :( Gotta pull the skid plate and figure out what's up with that. Hope it's not deep in the case somewhere.

The bike is a complete animal on the trails. I love it.. Riding down low in the gear it chugs pretty good.. Feels like a tame four stroke down low, then the pipe hits and I just scream and hold on. hahahaaa

Love it.
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