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Lots of good info.

The plastic is nice to walk into the hotel with at the end of your day. The bad is that the sun kills them. Laches are junk and you must always carry tie downs (straps) with you. This is 4 when the latch breaks it don't fall on the road.

It's good to here that the rivets come with the new set of laches.

I'm going to check out those Jesse bags. They look more narrow but deeper that the plastic crap I have now. Not sure about walking into hotel.
They are about the same width inside (remember the Gobi's have that water jacket in them) and are much deeper, but closer to the bike, narrower than your bars. You can get heaps more into them.

I just looked at you first post, I note that you have what looks to be a CJ Aux tank. You may need to do some fiddling to as these can take a little more space than the stock exhaust. The Bottom of the Jeese racks is sort of under the exhaust. I think CJ has a solution for this - but let the guys at Jeese know as they will work with you to sort it.

They are not as good to walk into a hotel with as the Gobi's that is for sure, to get around this I pack the hotel stuff into a top box (I use the HB Journey box for this) and I was doing this prior to having the Jeese's anyway. When I do need to carry the bags I have a couple of little straps attached to box to carry them. If I get a chance I will take some photos.

I was always skeptical of the Jeese bags until I actually picked one up and felt how light they were and how much stronger than the likes of the Tourtech boxes they are (comes down to how they are folded). Al Jeese is a pretty smart guy and doesn't rest on his laurels, constantly seeking improvement.
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