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Originally Posted by DazRSV View Post
What kind of riding / crash testing have you done in your 1 yr old pair of jeans, can we see a pic of the ones you've worn for a year pls?.
What kind of care/washing instructions are required?
what would postage to Oz cost us?
Last year I rode with them everywhere, in the north east (local streets and mountains in the area) and occasionally in the flat state of Florida. I wore them for more than just riding, they became my favorite pair of jeans (very comfortable).

I wanted to be able to ride to a local restaurant, lock my helmet to the bike, walk in holding my leather riding jacket, set it aside and blend in with the rest of the crowd. No one suspected I came on a motorcycle. No weird stitching, no fancy logos, no baggy look, no weird pockets, no extreme washes, and with the armor in place you still don't look like a famous tire mascot.

Before sending the jeans for real testing to Germany, my father and I performed our own testing. The typical creative testing you see online. We filled the jeans with sand and dragged them behind our truck, we threw them in the air from a moving vehicle, we hit them with a belt sander, etc... We also have a friend that works for an American defense company do his own testing, and we were happy with the results. But we wanted a third party testing facility with no affiliation prove what we creatively tested ourselves, and that's what we did. The second the EU body approves us for the mark we will let you all know, but with 100% certainty, we passed the impact, abrasion, and burst tests with favorable results.

Washing instructions are on the care label:
Machine wash cold with like colors, tumble dry low, warm iron if needed, do not dry clean, do not bleach.

PM me for postage.

Ill post up a picture this evening of the year old riding pants.
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