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Originally Posted by maurerhouse View Post
Thanks for the info folks! Now I have a new conundrum.

I found a 2004 ABS model with (get this) only 1800 miles.

Story goes that the guy who bought it got hurt (at work) and it sat in the garage for 7 years and then outside under a cover for another year.

A kid bought it, cleaned the rust out of the tank and replaced the fuel pump and realized the bike is too big for his taste.

He'll take $6500 for it. There is rust on the lip of the tank but nothing inside that I could see with a flashlight. There's also a thin layer of rust on the top of the shifter. Other than that the bike is immaculate and runs fabulously.

I figure I could put filter on the fuel line and get new tires - but I worry that there's some unseen damage from all the sitting around.

Any ideas what I should look for?

There's a part of me that likes the one with the miles that was ridden by someone who actually rides, knows the bike and took care of it.

Then there's the part of me that says "1800 MILES and ABS for $500 more!"

Like I said, conundrum.

Thanks again! I'm glad my buddy recommended this forum and I can't wait 'til I actually get a bike!
I just bought a 2004A for $7,000 and 45K. I would grab this one if it was available.
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