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Originally Posted by LuciferMutt View Post
Very annoyed, but not surprised, that the dumb ass media is blaming this accident on speed. That guy was doing less than 30 MPH, guaranteed. The fact that the cyclist was not killed is testament to this fact. The only things that caused the accident were target fixation and no useful understanding of how to really countersteer. So for all you guys who say "fuck countersteering, just go ride the damn bike," THAT is why you learn how to consciously countersteer, because there WILL be a day where you need to suddenly lean more and turn sharper than you were expecting.

Idiots like that guy are not helping the image of motorcycling.

At least he was geared up.

The Cyclists were doing everything right! I have 0 sympathy for this rider, what a complete idiot, he clearly needs more practice before trying to ride at any speed on a road like that.

It kills me when I come across bicyclists that have no regard for anyone else on the road, the Lance wannabes that are riding 3+ wide going uphill around blind corners and won't move over; or the guys that have no regard for traffic signals, signs or right a ways. Those fuckers are the ones that you'd expect to get hit. It's a shame that these guys were respectful cyclists that were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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