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All these bags are looking great! I have had a set of Kirk's Panniers since February and I am loving them (Blue and white F800GS on the first page). The build quality is exceptional and I get comments on them all the time (Kirk, these things need to come with a set of business cards for me to hand out to people )

The 2 things that I enjoyed the most about buying from Kirk were being able to work with him to get the exact design I wanted and then watching the production unfold over the intertubes...and oh yeah, the bags are freaking awesome!

To be honest, I almost brought you a bottle opener at some point when you were fabricating my panniers, but it wasn't going to get shipped to my house in time. Let me know if you ever source some and I will find a time to come by and have you install it for me.

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That same question came up while building Kevin's 'Strom. Believe me, I tried! (to no avail - boooo!)

But, I can source a good bottle opener and install them no problemo! As a matter of fact, I want one, too!I need to write things down so I don't forget!
Glad to see you up and running on the vendors thread! Keep up the great work!
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