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Originally Posted by cory1848 View Post
I checked the chain and I actually think its loose. I am getting 40-50mm of deflection. The alignment was off about 1/16in so I corrected that but that didn't fix the vibration issue. That did fix the rear brake binding issue I was occasionally hearing. I can feel the vibration just revving the bike up to 5k so I am thinking it is engine related or possibly exhaust related. Finally got my hands on a service manual so I will be rechecking torque of every bolt I can find. Been raining all week here so havent been able to mess with it much.

I have been hearing a weird noise as the revs increase up to about 3k from the front header area. Almost like a baseball card in the spokes type of noise. Definitely from the front engine area and sounds like an exhaust leak but can't feel anything.

Any tricks to finding an exhaust leak?
If you put a little piece of tissue paper or a small part of a plastic bag on some type of little thin rod you can see an exhaust leak pretty easily by the tissue/bag shaking.
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