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Originally Posted by Two Plugs View Post
Own experiences? I think he should chat to the US members who do own a Varadero. These days with the Internet, you can get parts all over the place by post order. And the Varadero XL1000V is / was on the Honda program in Canada.

It is a fair alternative choice for the Vstrom DL1000 in terms of quality, comfort and reliability. Cheap to run too, but go for an after 2008 model.
No, I admit I've never ridden a Varadero.

I posted mainly because it would be odd for a someone in the US to be thinking about replacing a US spec bike with a relatively-rare grey market import. I wondered if he even knew they weren't imported.

I agree, if he has a particular bike available to him, the paperwork is sorted, and he's his own mechanic willing to source parts online, could be a interesting alternative. This is a lot of ifs. And based on what I've read, unless there is some specific reason you want a grey market bike, I wouldn't think it worth the hassles. But again, that's just based on what I've read, not first-hand experience.

- Mark
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