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A few twists and turns later we were on this road that I have been describing as a regular dirt road with a bunch of baseballs, softballs and the occasional bowling ball on top.

We encounter roads like this all the time. They always keep my speed in check because they're sketchy at low speed, there's a comfortable medium pace and I know I'm going too fast when I start feeling the front end getting twitchy again.

Slowred waited for me at this point because there was an optional turn in the road.

I waited for Refokus since he was bringing up the rear.

When he arrived we whined about the road condition for a little bit before taking off again.

Around the slight corner that you can see a few pictures up (the one looking at the snowy peak) I saw Slowred laying on the ground on the left side of the trail, his bike down on the right side. He was laid out straight on his back and the bike looked like it only tipped over. My very initial thought was that he was playing a joke on us and feigning a nap on the trail because we took so long to get there. But his bike was on the ground. He wouldn't have done that. I knew something was wrong.

I parked my bike and asked if he was okay. His response: "I don't think so." He blacked out during the crash and was obviously in a lot of pain. Refokus and I started assessing the situation. His helmet was chipped and cracked and he had a rock embedded in the shoulder of his chest protector. Obviously he took a hard hit to the shoulder and head. Fortunately his neck brace and other gear kept him from taking any more serious damage.

Slowred was ready to hit the 911 button on his SPOT. We didn't see anything poking out or otherwise immediately life threatening and he was coherent enough that we thought we could arrange our own rescue. The initial assessment was a broken collar bone, possible broken arm and broken scapula. He wanted to sit up and get some gear off. When we sat him up and he started talking about not being able to see very well and his vision going pixelated gray, I almost went for the SPOT myself. Once back on the ground things improved again but he was still in immense pain.

Bucket Boy and 4play came back down the trail shortly after Refokus and I arrived on the scene to see what was taking so long. Slowred led us to the heavy duty pain killers he packed away after his last major injury -a broken left clavicle (the same side he fell on this time!). 4play had the great description of, "The ones that look like they could get you arrested". Now all together again we immediately started formulating the plan for rescue. Bucket Boy, having the connections in the area and knowing the trails, tried to get his friend's Jeep on 36" tires to the crash site for the cushiest possible ride out. Unfortunately his friend was busy so he and 4play made the run into town to get the vehicle.

It was a long couple of hours before 4play and Bucket Boy returned with the Jeep. 4play kept his gear with him to ride Slowred's bike out. Bucket Boy aired the Jeep's 36" tires down until they started to fold, so about 1 psi. They probably acted like they were 31" diameter, but the ground pressure was low enough to absorb the rocks rather than transmit them to Slowred's injuries.
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