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1000 Mile Loop to Nowhere

I never share much here as I tend to be more active in a local forum. That is where most of my sharing goes on. I decided I would cross post this ride report for your enjoyment. I made this ride in July of 2012.

So for the past few weeks I have had that "lost soul" feeling, and have had a hard time shaking it. I knew it was time for a solo weekend ride. A few days to clear my head and settle myself again. I wasn't really sure which direction I wanted to head, but I never really am.

Thursday night I decided that if things went well, and I was able to clear issues up at work, that I would leave early Saturday morning and head East. Why did I chose East? Well this "July Challenge" thing had me wanting to hit an outlying state. Of course everyone goes to N.C. and I already have a trip to Arkansas planned for October, so I decided to go where no one ever goes....South Carolina. I threw down a route on MapSource that night......

Well, I got home and Friday night late and tossed the hammock in the top case. I sat down and poked around on the web and came across a place they call "Georgia's Little Grand Canyon". Looked rather interesting, so I incorporated it into the route. I set the alarm for 5:00am and went to bed.......

The alarm went off, just as I had anticipated....only this time I wasn't getting up. I decided "screw it" I'm sleep in! I finally got out of bed around 10am, cooked my "5 eggs and toast breakfast of champions" messed around the house for a bit, and was on the road by noon.... lazy dayzzzz ^-^

My first stop was to eat again. I pulled in at the Wendy's in Eufala, stepped inside, and found myself surrounded by a diner full of teens and pre-teens that were returning home from a beach trip. While in line a gentleman comes to ask if that is my red motorcycle parked outside. I told him it was, and he proceeded to tell me he had just backed in to it!!!!!

We walk outside and inspect the damage. Not much too it really, and surely not enough to worry with. Scuffed the front fender a bit is all. I wasn't in the talking mood now and didn't have a lot to say to the man. Apologizing again, the man reaches into his pocket and pulls out a religious pamplet. Come to find out, he's the preacher at the local church....hhhmmmm. As I turn to walk away he says something that really bothered me " Now you be careful on that motorcycle". I know it was meant well, but at the time it irked me. In my head I thought "be careful for fools like you that don't even check behind them when they back up.....maybe you should be more careful!!!!" {113}

After eating I jumped back on the bike and headed to my only "planned" stop.

[size=18pt]Providence Canyon, Lumpkin GA

It was kind of hot and I planned to hike down to the canyon basin, so I stripped my gear and pt my camelback back on. I made the hike down and spent the next couple of hours soul searching and exploring.

Alright, I'll pick this back up tomorrow...........
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