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Originally Posted by Motorfiets View Post
I'm frustrated!!! I want to race an international (hopefully South America) rally this year and I have gotten no where with anyone that could offer any insight into fixed costs, regulations, bike requirements, equipment requirements, can I run malle-moto... can I not? etc, etc, etc... the list goes on and on!

I'm very interested in the Rally Dos Sertoes or the Ruta 40 race.... can anyone point me in the right direction?

my ideal scenario:
1 - race without an assistance team - I'll take one friend along to help work on the bike in the evenings (can he get a ride every day to the next stage end?)

2 - I want to have someone else transport my spares/tools/camp gear much like the Dakar Malle Moto (would I be able to do this with a team member or strictly alone?

3 - REASONABLE shipping costs to and from the USA

4 - what bike gear is necessary? ERTF... Unik1 or 2? Sentinal? Rastro? Baliese?

5 - do everything on a VERY tight budget...

Any help would be greatly appreciated... so far everyone I've talked to seems to be either busy with other things or have deep pockets...
You asked me a few questions, but not any detailed ones. I know a thing or two about the Sertoes, and your 525 ;-)

Right direction? Have you contacted the organizations? That's step 1, as myself and other have suggested.

BTW, what you describe IS an assistance team. Your friend is either is renting a seat in another team's rig, or you have just started your own team. We did it with a rental VW Kombi.

Some rallies have Malles Moto. Have you asked the organizers?

Re: shipping costs. Shipping is a commodity. Pricing is set by a very established industry.

Required gear depends on the race. In most all cases, this can be rented or purchased at scrutineering. Sertoes has (had) all for rent.

Yea, funny thing Ben... most people are busy with their own lives ;-)

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