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Originally Posted by Foot dragger View Post
Theres no doubt the 450's make a ton of power and are hard to hang onto for a whole moto at full chat.
Nobody said they were a breeze to race,they're heavy and feel heavier then they are. If that's a positive thing then so be it.

Lots of people think its fun to have a light flickable racebike that feels even lighter then it is,fun to pitch em around and hold em wide open instead of perpetually torquing around like a belching tractor.
If someone ever builds a modern 450 2 stroke that's light and runs smooth and fast,it wouldnt lack for buyers.

Guys are building project race bikes sticking 500 or 250 2 strokes in modern frames,just for fun,but some neat bikes considering they are using dinosaur engines.
Shit,I remember a 125 expert buddy of mine saying the 250s and 400s were too heavy and no fun to ride back in the late 70s.
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