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yesterday was kind of weird, forgot to mention one thing that added to the day. when we stopped in Silverton for gas/ Lunch, while we were at the gas station, the wind was really blowing. I opened the pannier (saddle bag) and all of the sudden there was a white cloud all around us. Jill was temp. blinded and my black riding suit turned white, looked like the pillsbury doughboy. The seat on the bike was white for a few seconds and the side of the bike was too. Turns out the lid on our "anti monkey butt" powder had come off and when I opened the saddle bag, the wind created a powder cloud that enveloped the entire area around us. Too bad it wasn't on video, would have been funny.

we got a late start today because we were waiting for the weather to improve a little. It was really cold and the wind was still blowing like mad, but the rain had pretty much passed through. so we got on the 62 east out of Altus OK, and headed toward Lawton OK. between the two cities there was a scenic ride we wanted to ride. right away, we realized it was going to be another rough day due to the wind, and cold. the light rain wasn't really a factor. we took the 54 N to the 49E into the Wichita Mountains, wildlife refuge. really beautiful, and great riding roads. the only real wildlife we saw was a Coyote "sleeping" on the side of the road, and a Buffalo. he apparently was camera shy, because as soon as I stopped to take his picture he ran off. we also saw a Prairie dog village, but they are smarter than us, because they knew it was too cold to stick their heads out of their holes.

once we got out of the mountains and back on the 62E, the wind seemed to have picked up if that was possible, so we were riding at about a 45 degree angle. After twice being blown off the road onto the shoulder and pretty close to the ditch, we decided to find a place to hunker down. only did about 70 miles today due to weather, but once again some really good scenery. should have taken more pictures of the Wichita mountains because it was so beautiful, but we were freezing and afraid the wind was going to knock us over.

Stopped in Lawton OK, had some BBQ, and found a hotel, hope for better weather for tomorrow. watching the weather channel in the hotel and see there is crazy weather everywhere right now. time to plan tomorrows route and find dinner.
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