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2013 Last Dog Standing

Well, its good to read your interest regarding the Last Dog Standing! Let me try and clear up a couple things for you.

Really, its not a thrash on the bike unless you cannot control it. However, I will admit it can be hard on the clutch! You really have to look at the event as a physical challenge of you abilities as a dirt bike rider. Have fun with it! Everyone that has done it has stories for a life time! Finishing! Ya, out of over 100+ entries, 5 actually finished the event in 2012! Of course if you had all day you could probably take your time and finish it, but, based on events and timing, it becomes more of a challenge. Did you know we had 3 women last year! They teamed up and did awesome helping each other out. There is no help except from entered riders still on the course! Their inspiration have led the Prairie Dogs to offer a Team Class for 2013! Yep, grab a partner - each on their own bike and help each other through! You must be within 1 minute of your partner at each check. A true TEAM effort!

Qualifying - is the same as 2012. We have 30 minute GP format qualifier the day of the event (usually 3-4 start gates). The purpose is to take the fastest people and move them up in the start of LDS round 1. In LDS round 1,2 and 3, it is 2 racers at a time leave the gate 30-60 seconds before/after the next pair (transponder timed event). However, to qualify for round 1, you just have to finish the Qualifier, and your in LDS 1! Timed event for each round within a certain time of the 1st place finisher gets you to the next LDS round...

Hopefully that answers some of your questions, let me know if you need more! Oh, this year Lucas Oil will be filming. And, we are working hard for live internet feeds from cameras positioned in area's you cannot get to as a spectator! That's some of the real fun stuff!

So, the women informed me they will be back in 2013! The question is now will some of you skeptics now through your hat it to see how far you make it! Fitness and Hydration are important. Save he beer for post bench racing!

Entry Flyer is available - print and mail!

See you there!
Prairie Dogs
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