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Originally Posted by lakota View Post
you have any luck solving this? I am having the same symptoms.
Which part, the bluetooth, or XM antenna?

If you're referring to the bluetooth, then yes, I did fix it. I reverted back to the prior software version (2.80) using the instructions in this blog. I know the guy who wrote it. He's an IT geek and I trust his recommendations on this.

If you want to try it, let me know and I'll e-mail you the file. The downside of doing this is that it will reset most of the settings back to factory and you'll have to re-add all your bluetooth devices.

The other option is to just wait until an update fixes it. Plenty of people online are complaining so they'll have to do something eventually.

I'm not updating any of my GPSs again until after the IBR.

If you were referring to the XM antenna, then no, I haven't tried to fix it yet. I have some ideas, along with some suggestions from Bruce, so I'll get to it soon.
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