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Originally Posted by Signal View Post
Having a local scout/church gathering this weekend- shooting some trap in a local guy's field-

Some are a bit gunshy with big noisy shotguns, so my son and I built this for air rifle plinking

We cut a 24" length of 1/4 inch steel into lengths, ground the edges/drilled some holes, sprayed some colors, some small braided wire, etc....
nice job on those reactive targets ... airguns for your kids ... teaches love for shooting with much less danger.

much safer than giving a kid size .22 rimfire rifle to a child. can't help but think the five year old in the news shooting his 2 yr old sister could have been avoided by giving that boy an air rifle instead of a firearm. NO five year old understands true danger of a firearm.

growing up we shot each other with a Benjamin pump up .177 air rifle loaded with a bb size seed. we were stupid and certainly knew better. dug out a few hits on my legs... at least we shot low at each other with limited pumps. with 10+ pumps, that Benjamin .177 air rifle would shoot through a metal trash can.
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