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HDB - Kick a$$ customer service

Highway Dirtbikes... Their customer service is really top notch!

Ordered up some hand guards (cause we all know how long the plastic stock ones last, LOL!), a top clamp with switch holes for the Emig triple tree, some switches and a couple of those freaking awesome "in-the-handguard" mirrors. I used to just strip off my mirrors when on the trails, but that gets old and when I'd forget to take them off I wouldn't stop riding to do it and they'd eventually end in bits... LOL! I'll use Double takes mounted to the bars for longer trips/highway stuff and the ability to still have a small mirror just to count the headlights behind me and make sure everyone is ok will be fantastic! (Nothing more exciting than a 60mph shoulder check to count bikes when on off road... not!) Still counting the days till being reunited with my as yet unflogged 990... 29...

The sunshine is the only thing nice out here... Smile of the day is brought to you by a 100cc Honda (I'm on the #3) chasing a pack of 125's and 150's on a go-cart track. Training days were so much fun cause you could wring the CRAP out of the little bikes and have just as much fun without the risk of big $$$ when you went down (when, not if... we played rougher on these too, lol! Flying elbows and knees were common, but all in fun!) I really hope they sort the track deal in/around Calgary soon... I need a paved play area too!

Glamour shot after the passes:

And a vid... this kind of racing is way too much fun...

*Edit: Lol, just remembered the zip tie holding my shifter on... That poor little bike.

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