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With that huge localized dump of rain near where we were planning to go, a sense of urgency rose & we decided to hightail it back to camp ASAP

However within 5kms of Blinman we were confronted with a 2 metre high wall of raging torrent across the road

The lads heading home from the other side of Blinman were within 3kms of the thirst quenching Blinman Hotel, but were forced to wait over 3 hours for the raging torrent to subside.

It was then, PBee formed a Plan

Lets retrace our tracks to either Plan (A) Brachina Gorge, if that is impassable; Plan (B) Moralana Scenic Drive and if that is also impassable; Plan(C) Hawker to get back onto the black top & up to Parachilna, ring Dave at the village to check Parachilna Gorge is still open & back home for a well earned beer or two.

If all were blocked .......... who's got the biggest credit card limit to drown our sorrows at missing Trev's fabulous Saturday night Presentation Awards cookup at camp.

and so we became Storm Racers

However as all good plans go, the inevitable happened

"Hey guys" called Bernie ............... "I don't think I have enough fuel to get home"

"No worries we'll get fuel at Parachilna" says a confident PBee and all were happy in the land of panic

As one good deed deserves another, PBee stepped forward & offered his (read AussieOtto's) fuel Stewy also stepped up & offered to use his shiny bright new siphoning hose, so all was good in the land of hope, although time was ticking by.

We reached the still dusty Brachina Gorge, took a vote & decided to go for it & we succeeded in reaching the blacktop

Back at camp however, we were later told a few other riders tried to go through the Brachina Gorge some 30minutes behind us & were confronted with a raging torrent.

Mind you, I was continually looking over my shoulder as I know how fast these flash flood rise.

Successfully reaching Parachilna in the rain, relief was at hand

PBee rang Dave at the village and was told ............... "you pussies get back here, the gorge is fine"

Refuelling was at hand or so we thought, only to be told we don't sell fuel anymore,

So Bernie tucked under the somewhat miniscule DR fairing trying to save as much fuel as possible & feathered ie opened it up in frustration .............. in a make it or break it attitude, the 15 kms back to Angorichina Village

It wouldn't be long before the Parachilna Gorge was going to get interesting though.

and we finally relaxed with our pre-dinner drinks in hand

Let the evening festivities begin


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