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Time to go see what else we can find.

We’re going to go find Skidoo

We looked North and South but we couldn’t spot the pipeline.

Before we got to Skidoo we found Eureka Mine and needed to explore.

Of all the prospectors and miners who toiled in the Death Valley area, only one— Pete Aguereberry— persisted.
Beginning in 1907, Pete worked his claim at the Eureka Mine for 40 years, mostly by himself. Historians estimate that he extracted about $175,000 worth of gold (then valued at $20 per ounce) during his lifetime (he died in 1945).

Bruce took the low road

And I took the high road

I don’t want to fall here

Something else to check out.

Bruce doing his best Captain Morgan impression

What are we going to find next?

We weren’t going to stop here then decided at the last minute to stop since we were in the area and we sure were glad we did. We thought the view would be of the flat valley but it was so much more. That’s some of the Death Valley Magic just as soon as you think one thing it’s something else. My photos don't come close to capturing the beauty here.

Named after Pete Aguereberry

Now where was it we were going? Oh yes, Skidoo, that’s where.

There was once a thriving community in Skidoo. It was founded in 1906. The town reached a population of 700 and became famous as the site of the only hanging to take place in Death Valley. It occurred when Hootch Simpson, a saloon owner who had fallen on hard times, tried to rob the bank, was foiled in the attempt, and later went back and killed the owner of the store in which the bank was located. During the night the townspeople hanged Hootch. According to legend, he was hanged twice. The second hanging was to accommodate news photographers who missed the first hanging. No one was ever arrested for the hanging.

All that’s left is a few rusty metal pieces and I’m not so sure they are from the townsite but brought in my the park system so there is something to see.

Then it was back to camp but somehow I passed Bruce when he was stopped checking something out. NoRa laughed when I told her I lost Bruce. It was clear she’s used to him being misplaced. She had a good time relaxing and reading in camp while we were out riding.

It was a good day.

There is more to come as Moto-Treks joins us the next day……
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