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I'll have to work on my travelling setup for the WR450. I'm only 30 minutes from the RDV rally at the Black Bear and it's a little embarrassing to be hauling it over. I just haven't gotten my bike camping act together yet. The main issue is I recently mounted dirt knobbies, and they are too much trouble to swap out for d/s tires. I think from now on I'll just run the Shinko 244 rear on it, grippy in the dirt, cheap, easy to mount, and street-able. Seems like the perfect tire for me, but I haven't tried one on the 450 yet, so the first one will be a test run. I'd hoped the Pirelli MT43 would the right rear for a d/s tire, but I found myself suck at the bottom of too many hills. If I'm going to be let down by my tires I'd rather it be called a dual sport tire to begin with!

How much crap can I except to pack on a little bike for a weekend camping trip? I can't quite see my queen size air mattress & 3 room tent fitting anywhere. I'm sure I will see a lot of good solutions from you guys at the RDV. Maybe one of those one-wheel trailers would be the ticket? Then I could bring my "Sallydog" along too, I have his/her twin, who would just love to travel like that.

I can't see myself spending $800 on a little trailer, but maybe I can make a DIY version. I wouldn't think it really needs a shock absorber unless I go off-road. My driveway is probably the worst it would see!
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