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4/29/13 - Monday - Carlsbad to Hollywood Hills

106 miles. 100 on I-5, 6 on the streets of LA. Both crazy in their own way. I had a great visit with old friends in Carlsbad. We went to the San Diego vs. Giants game the San Diego won in the bottom of the 12th... it was great baseball, an exciting game with turns of fortune for both teams. We had a private box right behind home plate and up high enough that you could see the whole field really well. Food and drink provided...including peanuts and cracker jacks! Thank you Charles Schwab! I left Carlsbad after rush hour because, having lived in SoCal for more than 30 years, I know that the I-5 between LA and San Diego can be a parking lot. I am not used to riding on freeways... the closest one to where I Iive is probably the I-70 up at Grand Junction, CO... 130 miles or so. The grooves that CalTrans puts in the concrete surface of the freeways can be a little unnerving at times! Changing lanes can also be a bit surprising as you cross the seam... nothing hazardous but just surprising when it is a new experience at 70mph with lots of other vehicles really close. I have way too vivid an imagination. I made it up to LA in less than 2 hours including a pit stop. If you are in the LA area and like Vietnamese pho as well as I do there are lots of options. One good one that is close to the I-5 at the Glendale Bl offramp is Indochine, they will fix you right up with a great bowl of pho or other Vietnamese taste treats. Not much to say about the streets of LA, more traffic, lots of traffic signals, amazing cars, more amazing women, and things move pretty well during the off peak hours. If you know where you are going it is all very easy. I don't like riding in traffic on the bike at all and try to use public transportation or a car when I have stuff to do in LA. This trip I did a combination of both. The subway system in LA is pretty damn good. As a "senior citizen" it costs me .55 cents to ride or I can get an unlimited day pass for about 5 bucks... much better than dealing with gear, traffic, parking...etc. There are Zip cars available and lots of other cheap rental options.
The Way South
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