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Last report before heading out...

Over the last few nights we've pretty much finished the project, at least for now!

A couple nights ago, was still working on the clutch and found out the clutch side cover gasket was wrong;

No time to try and order one, what shall I do? Cut and splice might work?

Yep, that'l work with a lot of sealer just for good measure!

The splice was at the top of the cover, or I wouldn't have tried this. Sprayed it with copper coat on both sides, plus clear silicone in key areas, bolted it on and let it dry overnight before filling with oil. No leaks so far. Whew.

Steel Stampede / AHRMA is requesting mufflers for this event, not required but desirable. Since we don't have any for this bike, decided to whip up some downturns and at least divert the sound into the ground and make it a little quieter.

Last night was it, get it finished! We rejetted the carbs, changed the clutch cable and numerous other little tasks. Here Randy is removing the seat to get better access to the carbs.

Back up and in the shop at 5 AM, welded up the bike stand, finished loading and headed to work. As soon as I can make a break for the door, we're headed to Crooked River and the Steel Stampede!
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