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Thanks for the support, everyone!

Originally Posted by G19Tony View Post
I'm a frequent GPS city customer too. I'd like to say thanks for the codes. I'll try to remember them, next time I need something. Now, if you'd only let locals come by and pick up stuff, like you used too.
Don't tell them I told you, but you can actually still get an online pickup if you call a rep and set up a time (just preferably not a Monday, for their sanity). This ensures that we have someone to hand over the package available for you, etc. Just be sure put our address as the shipping address & call/email with the order number so we can set it up.

Also, if enough people ask for it in Vegas, we'd be happy to set up an "open house" day on a Saturday for inmates to check out some of the (9,000+) mounting options, GPS, etc. Could also be a good excuse for a BBQ!

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