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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
nice job on those reactive targets ... airguns for your kids ... teaches love for shooting with much less danger.

much safer than giving a kid size .22 rimfire rifle to a child. can't help but think the five year old in the news shooting his 2 yr old sister could have been avoided by giving that boy an air rifle instead of a firearm. NO five year old understands true danger of a firearm.

growing up we shot each other with a Benjamin pump up .177 air rifle loaded with a bb size seed. we were stupid and certainly knew better. dug out a few hits on my legs... at least we shot low at each other with limited pumps. with 10+ pumps, that Benjamin .177 air rifle would shoot through a metal trash can.
Agreed, but truth be told, it was many adults that wanted something "quieter"
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