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So I arrived in Cusco and met up with my friend from back in Ashland who has been living here for a few years. After the ride from Abancay I was a little hungry and had some errands I had to run. So we jumped in a cab and headed down to the Plaza de Armas for some food and errands. one thing on my list was tickets to Machu Picchu as I heard they sell out. nowhere to be found. so back to Hayleys appartment to do some research. after reserving my tickets online we set out for dinner and a drink joined now by Hayleys boyfrind, Santi and her roomate Andrea. well one drink turned into many and soon we were all at some dance club taking shots of Pisco and making asses of ourselves.

good times. the next day was kinda a lazy day but I did eat some good food and get our tickets to the ruins. now train tickets to Machu Picchu are about 100 bucks but with a little research and more help from PORKANDCORN, fritz, we found a way to ride around the back side of machu picchu and hike 6 miles down some train tracks to Aguas Caliente right next to the ruins. So overall a hungover day but also a productive one. the next day we met up with stephi and nina, the german girls we met on the boat. I love these girls they are so much fun!

we went and got some food and then out for ONE drink as we had to ride to hydroelectrica in the morning, about 160 miles, and then hike 6 miles into town. well once again one drink turned into many and we ended the night playing a game I like to call drunk battleship, where everyone said a number and letter that correlates to a part of the cocktail menu and then has to drink the corresponding beverage. The next day didn't start out fun. I woke up at 6 and drug myself down to my motorcycle after coffee and fruit at Santis house. after a bit of riding I started feeling better. we stopped by an awesome salt mine before riding the Amazing road around to Santa Theresa.

After Santa Theresa the road turned to dirt and mud and got really fun!(see above clip). we dropped off our bikes at a guys house for the night and started hiking toward Aguas Caliente.

the next day we went to Machu Picchu.

beautiful place! we hiked back into Hydroelectrica to pick up our bikes and headed back toward Cusco. on the way back we made a detour to a Cuy (guinea pig) festival.

guinea pig is a delacacy in peru and we figured what better place to try it than a festival for it. bad idea. all drunken locals in a small town eyeballing the white folk. they were nice enough but a little pushy on the drinking. I mean talk about the pot calling the kettle black but it was a little uncomfortable. they were getting a little mad every time I said "no I have to ride my motorcycle" so I ate a little cuy, drank as little as I could, and got the fuck out. I went back to Hayley's house for the night. the next day we set off toward Boliva as we had stayed long enough and had to get back on the road. we ended up in a town called Puno, shithole, on Lake Titicaca. then today set off toward La Paz. border crossing was easy but costs Americans, and only Americans $135. the town right after the border is called Copacabana and is MUCH nicer than Puno. wish I would have woke up a little earlier and rode to here last night. anyways made it to La Paz, found a fairly shitty hostel that hayley recomended,(thanks hayley) and grabbed a beer and am writing this post. Death road tomorrow! more to come....
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