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Short follow up:

I know I'm long overdue with a follow up but I did get to use the bag and pad a few times. I did a few nights in the mudroom - probably low 50's and I was a bit on the hot side in the bag - which is odd because I am always on the cool side. A few weeks ago I also camped a couple of nights in the yard. If I recall one night was the upper 30's and one was the low 40's. Both nights I was a pinch cool, but really nothing to complain about. I'm pretty sure with some winter oriented sleeping garments (i.e. longjohns) I could go fairly comfortably to about 30 degrees. Below that it would probably be fairly uncomfortable without some more thought out prep. I feel confident it can be done w/o much of an issue.

I found one thing mildly annoying - not the actual bag/pad's fault.

I bought a cheap bag liner mainly to keep the bag clean. It was an Alps mountaineering something or other. The sleeping bag liner was a 1/4 opening on the opposite side as my sleeping bag zipper. Not a big deal, just turn the liner inside out. Well, no. The outside of the bag liner had a grippy microfiber texture that would catch on my clothes/hair/skin so I couldn't slide in and out of the bag. This made things tough since I sleep on my stomach, there wasn't a ton of room at the head end of my tent (tent is a side opener), and the damn liner would just bunch up on me.

So, my advise would be to get a BA bag/matt and a 1/2 length opening silk liner if you don't have a ton of room at the end of your tent to get in and out of the bag. No complaints with the actual bag/pad. Full throttle camping had just what I wanted at a really good price!!
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