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So far, there's no 'fast' guy, no rabbits. If that holds true after tomorrow, then it makes for a really interesting race.

Lorenzo and Pedrosa have the M.O.: Crank out the the quick, smooth, flawless laps, and just go away for the win. If they lack that chance, then just look at who's there to scrap with: Marquez got lots of practice doing that in M2, so did Iannone and he's quick this weekend. Crutchlow is a known pitbull too. Then there's 46, in my opinion the best at racing. That is; finding a way to make passes where you wouldn't think, and make them count.

If this race becomes a bar fight, my money is on Ianonne and Crutchlow early, then 46 for the win. MM will crash out, he's prone to mistakes in a scrap. 99 and 26 will take the long view and make sure they finish.

Or so the voices in my head tell me.
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