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Ok, so after getting all sweaty and stuff hiking around the canyon, I decided it was time to hit the road again. I geard back up, mounted the VFR, and was back on the road through South GA again. I found what was left of this home and stopped for a photo....

While standing there looking at all of the burned rubble, my mind faded away. There were so many things playing through my head. What happened here? A families memories burned into ashes. I could go on here about whimsical stories, getting lost within the mind, and possibly some other poetic babble, but I will move's about the ride.

Stopped by an old farm house that gave me a similar feeling.......

Down the road, I continue to put the old red bird in the wind. I trucked along and before you know it, the sun had given way to the darkness. The bugs were terrible. Every gas stop also required the use of the window squeegy to remove a 5mm thick insect cemetery from my face shield. I was getting hungry so I decided to stop and eat my dinner on the side walk.

Back on the bike again, battling my way down the lonely backroads. As I blasted through the thick night air, I caught a glimpse of an old country store. I decided it was worth a "photo turnaround".

I felt like the "Ghost Mill" that night. Disappearing to ride solo to the east coast. Wandering like a lost soul in search of something......something I couldn't describe, but only feel; an unknown pull in a sense., dragging me out without direction.

It was getting close to 1a.m. and I had finally made it to my questionable, illogical destination.

Continuing momentarily........................
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