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Thumb 1 year to get from Rhode Island to alaska to acapulco then to...

Its been 9 months since we decided to go, now, its less then 60 days till we leave.
Must be time to start planning?

Its gonna be simple, we ( me, Dave 50 yrs young, pretired and stahvin, her, Lauren, 30, sick of corporate, not so hungry, {and my soulmate})
leave the right coast on July the 1, take 30 days to get to North left coast. Put the bike ( 2004 Concours witha trailer out back) on a barge to Alaska. We hop our hungry, tired, smelly asses onto a 10 day cruise to Up there. Hopefully we find the bike in Anchorage still in 1 piece. From there, we have bout 120 days to get outta the great white north and over the other other border, gots a resort booked for a week during christmas in Acapulco. From there we head to, um, over there, , , , , or, , , , , , , um, , , , , , , , ,,up there , , , , , , , , ,, or, , , , , , , , , , well, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , whodafuck knows where else, We has to get back by june of 2014 before the foreclosure kicks in, so
What did I forget to bring with me besides my american express?

I guess my biggest questions are the usual,

Do I need sunblock before tuesdays at 12?
How much is the usual bribe down yonder there in mexico?
Is there a Starbucks in the great white north?
How long does it take to get from here to there,
Does a bear really shit in the woods if no one hears it?
Does captain redbeard always rescue the girl from the burning building?
Is it really always 5 o'clock somewhere?
Do they sell bug spray by the 5 gallon buckets,
Can i pack a lunch, or take the bus to downtown cities?
Should i pack anything more then my best speedo and a bottle Of Patron?

Stay tuned, 87 more obscure questions remain,
Pay attention, they could be onna test next week
My ride report from 8 months and 18000 miles on an old C-10
(soon to be updated)
Wish I was a headlight.

The Blog from our adventure ride

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