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Back to the story.

After a late night, preceded by very little sleep, I woke up "early" by 07.00 and had a shower, coffee and then some fresh naartjies from Eugene's tree in his garden.
After which I went downstairs to the workshop to look at the changes that had happened since the last time I had been here more than 10 years ago.

Mabille Engineering is a General Engineering shop in Jan Van Riebeek Avenue in Paarl, and will pretty much make you whatever you ask. Eugene is a bit of an entrepreneur and will find and sell you anything you need. He also makes BMW Airhead header nut spanners etc.

A new access road and loads more machines and tools.

I also found Deon checking to see he had all he needed on his bike.

A man who knows how to travel, his one pannier was filled with story books, tools and a tow rope...... he is a prolific reader and also a contingency man, always ready to "make a plan"

Shortly after breakfast, some chit chat etc, we were off to collect The Whale in Rondebosch from Maverick's mate Piet who had given it a once over between doing his day job, running a family and completing a submission for his thesis.

Two fat/big blokes on a bike...... no idea why they say GS's are big ??

I was not looking forward to being Deon's or for that matter, anyone else's pillion, but it turned out to be a perfect opportunity to take photos and look around, to see just how the Western cape, and specifically the Peninsula region had developed since I moved away about 16 years ago.

My My Deon..... look how shiny your helmet is..... >

Made it to Rondebosh to Piet's offices without any mishap to collect The Whale.

First impressions.....

After saying our Hallo's and Good Bye's to Piet, we were off to the Victoria and Albert Waterfront in Cape Town to meet GOOSE......

We would have a coffee and then get over to LEAF SUSHI for a lunch organized by Goose with a bunch of Cape Town Wild Dogs and then go to his place to set up the radios on the bikes so that Dozer and I could chat and enhance the trip further. 5000km on the road can get pretty boring an lonely when you have nobody to talk to.

The two of us together..... Table Mountain behind us.


The T-Shirt was a birthday present from my Daughter, one that Goose immediately laid claim to.

I have to say than you to Goose for organising, and to all the Cape Dogs for attending, a great afternoons eating ensued, with all op us eating Sushi until we could no more....Bargain at under R120.00 per person, which is about 8.70 or $13.50

I think it was the first highlight of many for Deon on this trip.

I have to admit that I do not remember most of the names, but hopefully you guys, girls will comment and make yourselves known, or Goose who is always meticulous with this sort of thing can add to the list the attendees.

I was given various gifts along the way by people and was really humbled by it all.


Last Man Standing ?? (Or paying the bill)

After lunch and all the good byes and looking at various bikes we decamped to Peter's place up on the base of Table Mountain.....

I will not expose it, as Peter (Goose) can do that himself.

However, the last time I was there, it was a building site and he and Jenny his eternally tolerant wife were living quite rough.
Nothing could have prepared me for the house he had single handedly built.....

I will however leave you with a view, the house is worthy and possibly exceeds the view..... yes it is awesomely nice, with two large rental flats below, and with every unit having its own privacy, a shared swimming pool with viws and a large BBQ/Braai area, Goose has really laid a Golden egg here on the land his grandfather had bought a very long time ago.

The view is from the roof where the plumbing links, ducting and access are all ready for another rather large house/floor to be added when time, money, politics allow.

Downstairs in his garages Goose was also quick to offer one of his custom laser cut multi-point power outlets with a large 12v socket to fit to Dozers bike so that we could use the SatNav that I had brought with from the UK. Peter had uploaded all the South African maps last year and over the ride I think Deon first hated the thing, until he learned to to override any commands that sounded like bullshit..... I will leave it to him to comment on his experience of the SatNav unit.
What I can say is tha by the time we got back to Dunnottar, he had decided to, and did fit a double 12volt outlet to custome made plate for his 1150GS.

After fitting the radio comms etc and a quick test, Deon and I fell into the 5pm Cape Traffic, managing to "get lost" and drive through the centre of Cape Town

When I was given the bike to ride by Piet, and also previously being informed by Maverick that the bike had a tendency to idle a bit high at 2000-2500 rpm when hot, I was surprised when on the way back to the Paarl after the day out, the idling would run up to 3000rpm when stood in traffic at lights etc.... easy solution was to switch off the engine, but it was not good enough.

So we rode home to Paarl and decided that rather than spend the Friday, as Day 3 riding to Cape Point and some other points of interest, we would give the bike a quick going over...... this proved to be very interesting.

So far the Ride was proving to be a good one....... it had not yet turned into an adventure, which is what Maverick had warned me happen when things start to go wrong :biggrin:

More on Day 3 when I get in to write it up.

Now off to the garage to paint an do some other bits n bobs.
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