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Properly set up and adjusted, they're actually about the same effectiveness as the single disc. Not as powerful as a double disc brake... Just have to be a little more careful/alert but it's not bad. I wanted the drum front because I like the way it looks. After 3k miles, I can say I'm used to it and it bites pretty well...
I found the front drum on my 90/5 was grabby when damp. Not wet and not at speed, but at walking speeds when damp. I crashed twice due to this, (front end locked and washed), once on the spiral ramps of a parking garage---drove in in the rain, spent the day in the library, leaving in the evening the bike was dry but the front brake was damp. Pulling into the toll station at the bottom of the ramp it locked up the moment I touched it. Got rid of it for a single disk setup. In general the 900 motor w/ the stock 75/5 gearing would do wheelies easily, ate alternator rotors and went a whole lot faster than the chassis and braking was happy about---despite good fork springs and shocks and a carefully tuned front drum. It was a dangerous little beastie. I eventually parted it in favor of a real 1000 with a stiffer frame and dual disks.
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