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Properly set up and adjusted, they're actually about the same effectiveness as the single disc. Not as powerful as a double disc brake... Just have to be a little more careful/alert but it's not bad. I wanted the drum front because I like the way it looks. After 3k miles, I can say I'm used to it and it bites pretty well...
I've had a few brake setups on my 100s/5 over the years. I started with the drum, then had a dual ATE setup with the under tank MC. After running that setup for years, I had trouble with one caliper leaking despite my better efforts. I was broke, so I went to a single disk, and swapped out the 17mm MC for a 14mm, which I had. That worked decent, and like you said, about equal to the drum in outright stopping power. The disk was more controllable though. After running that for a year or two, I wanted to improve it, and so swapped to a 13mm HB mounted MC, which was a huge improvement. Really, it transformed the bike. I started a thread on it a few years ago, check it out. I can't speak for outright stopping power, but my current setup is way better than the dual disk, under tank MC as far as everyday spirited street riding. Lighter effort, and better modulation. Far simpler too. Food for thought.
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