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Purposely Riding Off Road During Heavy Rain?


Does anyone purposely go out to ride trails or dirt roads in heavy rain?

I know the forecast for tomorrow is 100% rain and I was planning on riding dirt forest roads. I have to ride ~73 miles of mostly paved roads (includes ~25 miles of Interstate Hwy).

My reasoning:
  • I haven't ridden off road in two weeks and it's killing me to be out there
  • Maybe it'll even be fun - I've ridden in rain many times on the road - wasn't the worst thing I've ever experienced - beats being in the office any day
  • I have "good" and proven wet-weather gear
I realize it'll be slick out there, especially with my OEM "Trail Wing" tires but with that in mind and no schedule, what's the worst that can happen?

It would seem there would be experiences of "light rain" or perhaps "no rain" so, maybe this could be a great experience after all.

My wife thinks I'm a little crazy - that doesn't bother me but with a clean and well lubed chain, will all the water and dirt from a long ride . . . never mind, I can get more chains/sprockets.

Oh - one last question, which helmet? I have on road and off road to pick from and I was thinking they both have advantages for wet weather.



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