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I got to the 129 end of Parson's at about 3:00. It wasn't too busy and I had some pretty big gaps between Minis. The few that I saw were all tricked out. Several had some serious suspension upgrades and weren't afraid to put them to the test. They were carrying some crazy speed but were holding their lines (and lanes) quite nicely. A couple of them had multiple cameras mounted and I'm sure they ended up with some nice shots.

I didn't go by the store as it was already later in the day than I had planned so I just headed back toward town. There were only 2-3 Minis parked at the overlook and the really fast guys were parked at the big area down by the bridge. I kinda wish I had been there for the big parade of cars (only because I had a nice seat well off the road and no where to be).

I saw two classic minis and holy shit those things are small. One was scooting though 129 though and the guy had a grin a mile wide. The other was down by Tallassee.

Workerant has a great pic of their club's rather ironic sign. Maybe she will link it later.
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