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Originally Posted by stuntheavy View Post
Lets try something interesting.

I don't have anywhere to be for a few weeks, yet I'm leaving Monday. If this is lame and doesn't work out, then I'll give it up. Everyone wants to come along for the ride, thought it might be fun to kick off the trip by letting you guys drive!

ADV, choose my destination!

Here are the rules:
- I'm in Houston, Texas, currently, so it should be a days ride from here. I don't want to slab it, so keep that in mind in terms of distance.
- Destination must be roughly north-east of here (Deals Gap is where I'd like to end up by the weekend). A little more north, or a little more east is fine.
- Not looking to stay in the Hilton, so should be somewhere I can find inexpensive, or free camping.
-No pee-pee sword fighting skin bars, you whackos.
I'd suggest Northwest Arkansas, but it's snowing here at the moment. In May. Unfriggin' cool.
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