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part two (i can only do this in snatches as i have short term memory !!)

So I left the Varenna area around 2 pm (beautiful place on shores of Lake Como) in a blue haze of smoke and gathered some speed as I veered through the famous Mandello del Lario (home of the great Moto Guzzi !). It was damp and not too warm so I felt completely at home.

My boots were cracked and looked about as waterproof as a paper bag but this was Italy - land of sunshie, and I was on my way south, so no problems there !

Scooted on down through Lecco and Milan and south south south !! I was grinning like a cheshire cat and I would go till I could go no longer !

It was cloudy and bright and showery and windy - just what I was used to.

I stopped for coffee and refill a few times.

Eventually I could smell the sea. I was approaching La Spezia and had figured to stop here for the night but honest to God, it felt so good I kept her lit till at nearly 8 pm I thought I better get a room before it got too dark. I suppose I was fairly bucked anyway having been going since early morning.

Just off the motorway and heading into Lucca I spied a hotel - mighty job - Hotel Napoleon (no it wasn't a small hotel, it was just the right size !)

The man a reception was quite tall and once he saw my passport he started to tell me about his daughter (!) - not that way, it was just that she had moved to Dublin !
I at first thought - these people are very friendly but I misinterpreted him entirely about his daughter. Anyway I eventually figured it all out ! He really missed her, I was beginning to miss her too ! But he gave me a big room for the price of a small room, Italians are the best !

I was stiff next morning (usually I am) from all the riding and bloody hell it was wet outside, yaghoo !

So this is Lucca, walls gates etc. very nice. my main memory re. Lucca was in an episode of Top Gear where the three numpties have to figure a way out of the city.

This is part of the road on the walls where James May gets stuck !

I did very little walking - afterall this was a bike trip nothing else could be tolerated and time was scarce.

parked up in Lucca

part of fortress Lucca.

Enough messing around, this is a bike trip, away I go....!!! Next stop is........
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