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Carb inssue continue

I try most of the settings of my Flatside XR only carb and bike is running strange.

1) When cold, i can start it
2) when ride, i have smooth throtlle respond but bike is running like in a half of power, is a feeling like something is keeping it to not come in full power, not enought fuel? not enough air? I do not know as im LAM on that:(
I can only describe the feeling...
3) Bike is going very fast very hot. Is a big bore 628 HRC with compresion 11:1 but after 20 min of riding temp of oil has achived 120 C degrees, outside is 14C:(
4) After i put oil cooler i can keep it like 100-110 but i think is still too much provide that oil cooler is there...

6) When i stop i need to screw IDLE screw in to be able to start, but i need to do it like 2-3 full rounds, otherwise it will not start.
7) But when it starts IDLLE is too high and i need to come back to the pervious possition.

PLEASE HELP, what is going on:(???

I think to buy FCR 41 carb but it cost a ot of money and would like to ask u if it will help me?:)

Best regards
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