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Originally Posted by Bumbobee View Post
Hey guys,

New to the forum here. I just sold my bike today and I'm making the move to an adventure bike that I can also do long distances with. I'm looking at a 2013 F800GS lowered edition.

Couple of questions:

Are there any faulty things to watch out for with the bike from the factory? Anything to keep an eye on?
forum is filled with infos, too many things to say, take a look around.

What is the oil change interval? The dealer here in Toronto told me every 5000 km, that doesn't sound right, is he trying to scam me?
First one is at 1000km and then every 1000kms

What can I ask for the dealer to throw in extra when I buy the bike? Do you think they will come down on retail price? I want to get the best deal.
Depends on the dealer, asking costs nothing. If he won't drop the price ask for extras like the comfort seat, luggage etc.

Oh I'm also looking at a 2013 KTM 990 Supermoto T, I know it's not really an offroad bike, but wanted to hear peoples thoughts on it.
Go to the KTM forum they'll tell you more accurate things then here.

Welcome noob!
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