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Originally Posted by Bumbobee View Post
Hey guys,

New to the forum here. I just sold my bike today and I'm making the move to an adventure bike that I can also do long distances with. I'm looking at a 2013 F800GS lowered edition. Lowered? Maybe get the 700 if you don't just have to have the laced wheels, I like the motor on my wife's 650 twin better than my 800.

Couple of questions:

Are there any faulty things to watch out for with the bike from the factory? ??not really.Anything to keep an eye on?

What is the oil change interval? I change every 10000 miles with synthetic The dealer here in Toronto told me every 5000 km, that doesn't sound right, is he trying to scam me?

What can I ask for the dealer to throw in extra when I buy the bike? Do you think they will come down on retail price? YES I want to get the best deal.

Oh I'm also looking at a 2013 KTM 990 Supermoto T, I know it's not really an offroad bike, but wanted to hear peoples thoughts on it.
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