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Day 3 - Prepping.

Not sure if I should carry on posting here, or just leave the thread on the original Wilddog forum

So on to Day 3 of this little adventure.

The plan had been to go for a ride and see some stuff, including my old house in Glencairn which was my first house. I had designed it and then had the shell built and did all the finishing inside by myself.

But with the idling up at 3000rpm, something needed to be done, so Eugene contacted Stefan who had worked for him before in the shop.
Stefan is only 21 but seems to have a natural affinity for these airhead motors.

In typical South African style, he came around in Shorts and barefooted, something that Eugene and his son Marcel has always done too.

Dozer was in there like a shot.

Basic diagnostics started with things like the throttle cables etc.....

In the mean time I asked Eugene if I could buy or use some material to make a simple carrier to stop the soft pannier bags I got from Millard in the New Forest last year, from burning on the exhaust or getting into the wheels.

Flat bar and 5mm rod, cut, bent, welded together along with 4 allen head screws and grippers, assured it all stayed together.

Stefan the mechanic with one of his Rovers. He changes engines in an afternoon when others like me struggle all day to change the plugs.

So the bike stripping back continued as the problems could not be identified

Early on the much in the carburetors jets was obvious as this pic illustrated.....

Various options were tried, carbs balanced etc.

At lunchtime, Marcel popped out to the shops, dressed like this.


Test rides etc all made he day go by rather quickly.

Nothing seemed to arrest the bikes mad idling.

The engine was dismantled further and further, showing itself up as quite a Frankenstein.

Fiat Uno Distributor, VW CDI units..... Followed late afternoon by the addition of a Suzuki coil to run the top spark plugs.

Next up was a full dismantle of the whole electrical system, showing many connectors being very corroded, so that allowed Deon and Stefan to use loads of Q20/WD40 as they proceeded to clean and inspect every connector.

Deon and Stefan at it, Deon with his eternal fag hanging from his mouth.

The cleaning and testing went on and on, eventually it was 4.30pm and Stefan would not take money from me for the day spent with the bike, until I threatened to "Moer" him, when he said R300.00 would be good. That is about 21.00 or $32.60, which still seemed like very little to pay for a job done.

The Next day was Saturday and we would be off early to meet Goose for a joined ride up to Hermanus........ Of curse that was still more shit to develop.

Hope there are still some people interested in the photos and story.

Off to bed now, Bootfair in the morning.
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