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I must have screwed up last edit so here goes again....

She was blowing out blue smoke and starting to clear her lungs, it was 2 pm by now and I had the panniers full of mostly useless stuff you think you cant do without.

I got underway and scooted through Mandello del Lario, the home of the great Moto Guzzi !

On down towards Lecco and through the Milan motorway network.

It was bright, cloudy, wet, dry, damp, sunny and even windy at times............!! But I was loving it !

I had been driving, in a plane, on a bus, on a train and even had a taxi ride in 13 hours all so that I could put my ass on a bike and go.

I had to stop at times (frequently) for refills as I was being heavy on the throttle such was my hurry to get somewhere.

Soon (several hours later) I got a whiff of the sea passing Genoa and had planned to stop for the night somewhere nearby.

But I was loving it by now. So I had to keep going. Eventually commonsense and hunger spoke up. Next big town was Lucca.

Pulled in just off the big road, at this time it was getting dark and I had been on the go since 1 am.

Hotel was in sight, just go in get room, get washed and out to eat a scabby dog or even two if the mood takes me.

But of course I should have remembered how friendly Italians are. In my experience they are the friendliest and kindest people anywhere.

The man at reception desk on seeing my passport, started talking about his beautiful daughter, I only understood bits of his chatter !

As it turned out his daughter had gone to live in Dublino and he missed her terribly. Hmmm.......!!! There was I thinking something else entirely !

He kindly gave me a big room for the price of a little room and told me the best place in town for scabby dogs.

I ate my fill and went to bed with a tired head, I dreamt of dreamy things and remembered very little of them in the morning...
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