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Originally Posted by jaydmc View Post
... "fake" paper work ... Bottom line, the bikes are not coming in legaly, you might get away with it, You might not. Would it not make more sense to do this right? Get proper certification like Ural did and even a Dnepr importer (RAM) did at one time and not try and claim that they are some thing they are not?
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DMC sidecars
China - land of "fakes". Fake baby food, fake beef/lamb (actually rat meat), fake medicine, and virtually zero concern for any IPR. As for fake documents, they are so common that very few people in China actually believe what is written down.

You are dreaming if you believe that you are getting an "old" CJ750 with legitimate paperwork. Almost all of the CJs that are "restored" and sent abroad were made within the last decade, or so.

A pre-1978 bike is very rare, and commands a high price among collectors inside China - it wouldn't be used as a junker for "restoration". Those old bikes were also 6 Volt.

In China, there is a universal, mandatory scrapping law for motorcycles (sidecars included). They MUST be scrapped (crushed) after 11 years. That is the law. You cannot register/insure a bike older than 11 years. And you can NOT register your license plate on another bike UNTIL the old bike is turned over to the police and scrapped by the official police facility.

So, any old bikes that were somehow tucked away in a garage (unlikely since the owner probably wants the plate transfered) are rare, and Chinese collectors snap up whatever comes available. By the way, once a bike is older than 11 years, there is no way it can be registered.

So, DMC is totally correct, the "builders" here (I have lived in Beijing a long time), send these things out with fake paperwork. By the way, I (and anyone else) can easily acquire a full set of fake paperwork for any bike, for about $30, in Beijing.

This Is China.
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