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0830 i was ready to go. A nice lady at the hotel signed my witness form for start of ride and i was off. The first leg down to Hannover was easy. But there i hit a traffic jam. Don't know how much time i lost there but it was a fair bit.
When i had done 750km of the 1600 i was dead tired. and thought that i might not make it. But a sandwich and a longer pause i was good to go again. And now it was easy. At 1100 km i was saying to myself anyone can do this, and i got bored.
So i thought i should start a new hobby: Train spotting, i saw a few trains. One very long freight train and even a ICE. But not even the ICE made me interested so i gave up on train spotting
Then i though about collecting bugs... but even if i did collect a few hundreds, they all looked the same when i collected them on my windscreen. So gave up on that to, and went back to concentrating on doing the Saddle score ride.
I did say that my spirits was high after 1100 km but then it got dark. And the last 400kms was rough. I arrived at a service station on the Hungarian border and did a check on how many miles i had done. MY Gps and bike told me i had enough, but some of them was due to a detour because of roadworks and some was faulty navigation. In south east Germany the gps wanted me to leave the motorway and i was happy to do so. The flat straight motorways quickly become boring. But after a mile or so the road was blocked. i tried to circle around it and pick up my track on the other side. but each time there was a new roadblock... i wonder what was going on inside that area. So i knew i might be a bit low on milage for the saddle score. so i got back on the bike and did another 100 kms. Found someone to sign for me and took this pickture. Notice all the bugs.

How many bugs must die to do a saddle score?

Somewhere along my route i must have eaten something bad because my stomach was giving me a hard time and i had to do several stops at service stations to use the toilet. Cost me 0,7 Euros each time. A little annoyed about paying this each time, i stopped at a Hungarian rest area. Went in to have a look at the bathroom. And wow it instantly cured me. There was no need for a toilet after looking into this one.

Warning GROSS picture following.

Sorry about the gross picture but it have its place in this story. Now im happy to pay for a toilet visit.
It was time to sleep and i was dead tired. Knowing myself i knew i would most likely only sleep one or two hours so did not want do spend money on a hotel for that short a time. No camp sites where to be found so i decided to do some stealth camping, after all I'm a army sniper. i should be able to do that. I found a spot hidden by some trees and rolled out my sleeping bag to catch some z's. I woke up one hr later and noticed two young girls at the road 100 meters fro my position. They did not notice me so i got some more sleep. Then 30 min later i woke up again. Now there was horses running by my camp. I looked up again and the girls where looking up at me. I got dressed and then one of the girls, at a age 14/15 walked up to me. Brave she must be. I explained that i was tired and had to sleep and i was leaving now. She smiled happy and walked back. Apparently there was some horse day thingy going on. Just my luck to camp in the middle of the track.

Here is a pic of my camp. you can even see the girls looking up at me.
Normally i like girls looking at me but this time they where way to young and i wanted to sleep

Not many pictures today. but i was to busy riding.

Next time will be Budapest and i will have more pictures i promise
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