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The winter will not go away. It was 37 and a sustained 30 mph wind in Newland on my way to Hampton. I was in the truck, so it wasn't too bad. I learned much today.

I got to Hampton High School and unloaded. These fellows were waiting for me.

First destination: Flatwoods. I always enjoy a spirited romp across this road.

What's up with the dust? We have NO dust over here on the eastern seaboard.

Who doesn't love roads with no paint? Terrorists.

We crossed 421 and made the run up into Damascus. Apparently everyone is up to speed on what's good for them because all of the parties impeding our progress on US 58 pulled over and let us by.

A few months ago, Lucky and I turned back because this road had Jersey barriers across it and road closed signs. The signs are still there, but the barriers are pushed to the side.

I was nervous riding across this on my DRZ. I would need a very good reason to do it in my truck. Layla once backed our Tercel (it was scary going forward) through about a quarter mile of collapsed road like this in the dark, with a raging stream next to it in Japan.

I had a few raindrops on the windscreen in this part.

It was windy in Shady Valley as well.

Let's just say that it's a good thing that this is a gap at the top of a mountain.

Just down the hill from here we found "the end of somebody's bumper" lying in the middle of the trail. Wait, it has a lot of fancy fasteners, it's a skidplate, and it's covered with oil. Luckily, Kyle shut down when he heard a funny noise. Hole in oil filter.

Among the things I learned today was how to tow a motorcycle. A strap from footpeg to footpeg is the business. I wish I had known that out on Big Levels.

They are off to Bristol. As curious as I was about how these guys would do a pillion trip across the Snake, strongmendieyoung and I were headed in the other direction.

We headed up to Mountain City to get to Locust Gap. I almost found it.

Strongmendieyoung showed me an alternate route up to Walnut Mountain.

We cruised down through Dennis Cove and back out to Hampton High School, home of the Bulldogs.

I got 200 miles for the day. Thanks for having me along. Here's hoping everyone's rig is ready for the Rendezvous.
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