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Luggage: Which is better? One big bag, or 3 separate compartments?

Expedition riders ,

Any preferences between Giant Loop versus Wolfman versus Hard-Case-Options ?
I require them to be 100% waterproof. I require them to store food, camping stuff and a laptop computer. Enough 'stuff' to survive camping out for, say, 7 days.
In theory, I see an advantage in 3 separate compartments because one might be able to distribute the load more evenly, especially with a top case which can carry the hard stuff, and the side panniers can carry the more soft, lighter stuff.
The Giant Loop has the advantage of being one unit, hugs the bike, but I'm concerned that if I buy a Giant Loop distributing the load might 'get to me'. Am I wrong in thinking that one big bag could present more problems than cures?
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